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Committed to providing dignified solutions and proven results based on best practices

Our mission is to be the leading provider of comprehensive security solutions, driven by a deep commitment to protecting people, property, and peace of mind. We leverage our expertise to foster a collaborative approach that maximizes the utilization of available resources to ensure an atmosphere of security and safety.

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Five-O Alarms and Security is honored to provide prompt effective solutions for the various safety challenges which businesses, schools, faith based organizations, and residential communities face e.g., the rise in criminal activity, aggressive behavior, homelessness, drug abuse, and limited resources.

Upon completion of a thorough safety assessment, we will identify gaps, make recommendations for corrective action, and develop a customized safety plan based on your specific needs.


Security Services

Surveillance Cameras & Monitoring
Trained Security Placement/Patrol
Authority to Arrest
School Safety
Event Security

Property Cleanup and Maintenance

Eviction/Storm/Bulk Trash Clean Up
Appliance Haul Away
Power Washing

Safety and Compliance

Police Reports & Incident Documentation
HOA Violations
Safety Assessments
Proper Signage
Self-Awareness & Safety Trainings

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